Datomni helps middle sized businesses optimize and scale their marketing engines by providing plug-n-play marketing scenarios and automations that deliver well-defined MQL’s (marketing qualified leads). The company has launched in the second quarter of 2018, generated six-figure in 2018, and is expecting 2-3x revenue growth in 2020. It’s currently building a performance marketing engine and scaling client acquisition efforts. Datomni is also actively developing its data-driven marketing community based in multiple cities around Europe with over 2000 members in total. This summer of 2019, Datomni started residence in WeWork Labs. The team is a mix of liberal art and quantitative domains with experience at companies such as RTB House, Aviva, Leroy Merlin and others, and educational background from SGH, Warsaw University, and Warsaw University Technology. In 2021, Datomni was listed as one of the top 100 IT companies in Poland in a ranking prepared by Clutch, the leading B2B platform.